Jeanne Gaigher

  • Recorded Conversation (ongoing scene) VII, 2015, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 167 x 112cm

Jeanne Gaigher (b. 1990) is an emerging artist from Cape Town. Her most recent body of work is greatly influenced by her formal traning in photography and printmaking. Jeanne explores painting on scrim and photographs, adapting a truly unique style and mix of mediums. Her works effortlessly transport one into another world mid-story or mid-sentence. Through her fluid brush strokes and moody colour palette, the images pull the viewer into an afternoon swim or a long drive with the window down.

Jeanne Gaigher looks deeply into the writing of Jorge Luis Borges, embracing the notion of an infinite series of time and
the never-ending influence of text and interaction that molds our daily existence. Her series of works provides a meeting place of culture and conversation within this structure. Gaigher is able to beautifully capture fleeting moments within other cultures. Greatly influenced by her travels in the East and America, a new language of colour and stroke is created from a foreign aesthetic and portrayed and
layered on canvas.

This sense of timeless existence comes together in a solo show of painting and prints. Gaigher has chosen to embrace new mediums such as painting on scrim and allowing the scrim to be layered much as time is layered to created gentle nuances into new realities.