Elize Vossgatter

Based in Cape Town, (b.1981, Johannesburg) Vossgatter's paintings are fueled with clashing colour and ominous figures set in a swirl of freshly unconstructed mark-making and an edgy aesthetic.

Vossgatter's paintings could be described as figurative allegories - she is motivated to paint by the social currents around her - news of border shifting, terror paranoia, preemptive dislocation, migration, dystopia etc - yet these themes read as a pervasive undercurrent that is read through the relationships between figures; as opposed to direct commentary.

Her process is multi-pronged and often seemingly illogical; preferring the intuitive abstract connections to the linear methods of creative problem solving- injected energetically into her surroundings. A painterly interrogation into philosophical and psychological mores questioning group consciousness and accountability: What are we doing to ourselves? What are we doing to each other? What are we doing to our environment? What power have we got to transform ourselves? Is having choice power enough?

Vossgatter is currently preparing for her debut solo show at SMITH.