EDIT MAN - Banele Khoza feature written by Nothemba Mkhondo

Banele Khoza’s striking silhouettes of male bodies and abstract figures bleed translucent, sweet-coloured hues, like watercolour on canvas. His charcoal scribbled words read like a diary — a stream-of-consciousness glimpse into the mind of an artist interrogating love, identity, and gender, with distinct vivid portraits.


Calibrating Wonder * by Sean O'Toole for ArtForum

In a future history of South African art, Cape Town–based artist Daniella Mooney should receive due credit for her exploratory, left-field sculpture practice, which, since her Terry Riley–quoting BFA show in 2009, has eschewed the dominant rubrics of postcolonial identity and spectacular monumentality. Her contribution to this showcase of sixteen artists, organized by designer and artist Lyall Sprong, includes Three New Wands I, II, and III (all works cited, 2017), eccentric fabrications in wood of a wand she made as an adolescent.