Q&A with Gabrielle Guy

We talk to Graphic Designer Gabrielle Guy about the corporate identity of SMITH

1. Why the name SMITH?

SMITH is a personality-less name, like Jones. A non-name. A default. Something that anything can attach itself to. Something that has no connotations, presumptions or baggage. It can apply to anything, any artist, any concept and any exhibition.

2. What was the inspiration behind the choice of font for SMITH Studio?


SMITH Studio housed in restored building

A thoroughfare of Cape Town for more than four hundred years, Cape Town’s Church Street has become a node of artistic talent and now welcomes its latest addition, SMITH Studio, a contemporary fine art gallery.


The Faces Behind SMITH Studio

Candace and Amy have combined their unique, individual skill sets and together they have conceptualised and created SMITH Studio - a Fine Art Gallery situated at 56 Church Street that identifies with groups of young contemporary South African artists whom it will profile and showcase over a period of time. SMITH is passionate about an environment that deepens the relationship between artists and collectors.